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Digital Marketing
Could we have a more powerful opening line?
An often spoken about analogy amidst us is that mobile apps have now become to smart phones what music is to a music player.
One is redundant without the other. And need we say anything about man's dependency on his mobile handset?
This creates a synergy between businesses and consumers in ways never conceived before. It is this synergy that we capitalise on, empowering businesses and their customers to build a smooth, engaging and evolving relationship with each other.
Perfectly aligned with the business objectives of our clients, our mobile apps promise delightful visuals and complex albeit seamless array of functionalities, making for a beautifully crafted mobile user experience.

iPhone IOS Apps Development

Android Apps Development

Hybrid Apps Development

Responsive Web Development

We are committed to deliver the avant-garde in the world of web for businesses of varied natures.
From sculpting ‘almost unreal’ User Interfaces to delivering e-Commerce portals with user-sensitive Content Management Systems,
our experience plays a pivotal role in our delivery objectives. We have in our kitty over 200 websites which we have ideated and developed,
with keen focus on each client’s brand image and business objectives. Using cutting edge technology, we are on the constant chase for the perfect design, without compromising on SEO, mobile responsiveness, social connect and everything else that is so necessary today to create the right synergy between your digital properties and your business goals.

Custom Website Development

E-commerce Solutions

CMS and Blog Development

Web Application Development

Our team of artists, as we call them, is engineered to get under the skin of every brand we work with, dishing out highly engaging brand solutions that strike a chord in the minds of the intended audience. Our designs perfectly reflect the ethos of the brand.
While we focus much of our energy on design, we understand that a great design that does not connect with the intended audience is just a decorative wall piece. Hence, a large part of our design implementation is based on extensive analysis of user sensibilities.
With a perfect marriage of design and technology, we will make you look good, and how! Our design expertise encompasses areas including user interface design (UI) and design to create the ‘WOW’ user experience (UX).

UI UX Design

Websites Design

Banners & EDMs

Advertisement & Media

Having the resources to be digitally active is one thing.
Deploying these resources wisely to help achieve your business goals is another altogether… and therein lays the secret to all the success stories around you. There is always a need to upgrade- either from offline to web or from web to mobile. A touch of the finger is all it takes today to drive all your organizational needs and processes. And what better when it is customized for your organization?
Whether you want to re-organise your existing system or want to launch a new digital/online venture, we undertake end to end consulting and execution. Having lived and breathed in the digital business for so many years, we assure you of some
sound strategies along with our great designs and technology.

IN1947 provides fully integrated online advertising and go-to-market solutions to over 100 corporates across Real Estate, Education, Health Care, Food & Beverage, Technology and Fashion sectors. We adopt a progressive strategy process to ensure unique, tailor-made results for you.

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Search Marketing

Online Reputation Management

Online Content Development

Online Content Management

Email Marketing


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